Francisco-Luis White

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Three Poems for Beltway Poetry Quarterly


"The last thing you wrote?

A poem about the beautiful Black boys of Puerto Rico, imperialism, and what have you. Also, I’m always working on some 600 or 800 word piece to pitch to someone who might cut me a check. Sometimes this writing thing works out in a way that people want to read it. Other times, it just keeps me from talking to myself on the train."

from "Five Things With Francisco-Luis White" for the Wilds


While conversations about “inclusion” and “diversity” bully on, poets Francisco-Luis White and Venus Selenite have disengaged from the institutions that habitually endanger and require them to justify their presence. What happens when the presumed and constructed Other removes herself from the neo-liberal possibility of changing institutions by wholly disengaging?  What happens to the archives of those who are not institutionally backed? White and Selenite trouble these questions in the wake of their respective debut, self-published poetry collections, Found Them and trigger.

from "Passing: Beyond the Body" for Winter Tangerine